Sunday, January 15, 2012

The way of the dinosaur or Internet takeover 101

It's hard to believe but there were places out there that are long gone and will definitely never return, Can you estimate how many times you've actually stumbled onto one of these places?

Ah the video store, Many of moments I've spent renting or buying everything under the sun, Now with the power of the internet all is available at your fingertips. Ain't life grand?

Oh, how I used to love cd hunting, I was fortunate enough to stay away from giant box retailers who would charge an arm and a leg for the latest release by Sting. Now with the power of the internet.... You can...umm...yeah..

Yep there was a time when we would spend the entire day outside hanging out at the local arcade. you know, hanging out, making friends, spending quarters till no end, Now with the power of the internet, You can... umm.. meet people online and stuff and umm... Yeah.. The internet.

Meeting again for the first time

The short version of this story, When I was about 6 years old I bought this record, listened to it till no end and completely erased it from memory. 34 years later it appeared in a milk crate full of records at my parents house about to be discarted. I don't know how I never seen it around or how it was preserved for so long but damn, it opened up memories from my childhood instantly. You're safe now, my only keepsake from childhood.