Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just a quick one.

I did this movie review a few years back. Boy do i hate bad movies. Click to enlarge.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My day with lo-pan

One fine day my mother decided to take my brother and i to the movies, We arrived at theatre got our popcorn and there it was, Big trouble in little china. I know this movie is probably considered a cheesefest but my brother and i loved it, I didn't know what quite to expect, but what i got was a crazy tale of kung-fu / sorcery that boggled the senses, Now add Kurt russell and director John carpenter with his crazy music score and to me, That's a all time winner. Man, we were excited, we laughed and and made chop socky noises all thruout the movie, It's a shame there was only about two other people in the theatre.

When i saw these characters for the first time i thought it was the best thing ever, And yeah, That guy from mortal kombat was definitely inspired by this movie.

I never finished you..

Athena for the nes

I've finished tons of games for just about every system i could get my hands on, But the one game that never left my mind was Athena for the NES. It's super old school with the worst graphics imaginable, It's a side scroller and all you have to do is pick up random weapons and armour that appear after breaking rocks and try to make it to the end of the stage, Sounds good on paper but the game feels half assed and you just end up glitching alot and falling thru objects and getting the occasional game crash and there is absolutely no game save and arrghghgh! I'm getting flashbacks. I tried day and night back in the day (1987) and i couldn't beat the damn thing! I tried to play it recently and i couldn't sit thru 5 minutes of it. bleeech! I hate you.

Pictures cannot describe the horror that is 2 frames of animation.