Sunday, October 12, 2008

Monkey sea monkey don't.

I saw it everyday, That damn sea monkey ad in the comics. I had to do it, i had to! I mean what can be more awesome than having living ummm, sea monkeys in a tank. I mean the whole family just like the picture! niiice! So yeah, i mailed out a coupon and my money and behold, they were sent to me, So i follow the instructions and whatta you know, there's life! c'mon man, grow! c'mon! I can't wait till you sprout legs and arms and hug your family. I'm gonna train them to kick ass and chew gum! ummm...wait..umm...why did they turn to krill? Where's my sea monkey family? This is bullshit!!! Arrghghg! My dream was crushed by some rip off article. I'll never order anything ever again!! oh wait....what's this about 100 army men for 2 bucks? The check is in the mail dude...

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