Monday, March 14, 2011

Choking the chicken part deux

It's that time again, Yet another installment of the biggest chicken shits in movies. And while i don't see myself running out of movie characters any time soon i could only rely on memory as to which ones stuck out the most.

That umm...guy from Deep risingOk, so this guy invests in a cruise casino ship and then hires some pirates to hijack it but the trouble is its under attack by a huge ass monster. blah! it's always those corporate types..

The leader of the orphans (The warriors) They can't rumble or do much of anything, His gang is too weak to be included in the gang network and to top it off his girl dumps him for the Warriors. Pure punk bitch.

Skank (The crow)
What do you get when you and your friends commit a crime and it's time for your comeuppance? The hee-haw of chicken shit on a stick. Before his anticipated death the best words described him, A small worm on a big fucking hook

Miguel (Day of the dead)
Hard to describe so here it goes, A true coward who every second is spent whining and sobbing over being weaker than everyone else. But it gets worse when he gets bitten by a zombie and had his arm hacked off. So with more to complain he lets all the zombies into the compound and fucks it up for everyone else.... yeah...

Rourke (Aliens)
OOOh what a bastard.. A true corporate who tricks a whole team to go on an alien planet in hopes to bring back a specimen. And who does he betray? EVERYONE

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