Thursday, April 23, 2015

The most memorable movies from my childhood Part 1

 Thinking back i can remember the first batch of movies Ive ever watched as a kid. I'm breaking down this list from age 5 until about 10 years old. In no particular order.

Chiller theatre
 In NYC there was a horror program called chiller theatre, It ran on channel 11 on Saturdays. At only 5 years old i remember making sure my feet were not touching the ground when the intro came on, I always imagined that hand grabbing me from under the bed.

 Always on chiller theatre. A bunch of brits on motorcycles join an occult and are granted immortality. During the course of the movie they kept trying to kill themselves to no avail, aaand then something happens at the end with some frog. I need to watch this again.

Horror express
 Eeeew. so there's a bunch of people on a old timey steam engine train and there's a monster on the loose. It had Kojack, Vampire great Christopher lee and Grand moff tarkin, umm i mean Peter cushing. Memorable moments include the victim's bleeding eyes and mouth. And those Glowing monster eyes. Gets me every time.

 Of course Godzilla made this list. Out of all of the syndicated movies Godzilla vs smog monster always resonates. From the trippy psychadelic tunes and visuals to Godzilla straight ripping out the smog monster's babies from her stomach of whatever you want to call it. This will always be my favorite.

First horror movie i ever watched in a theatre. made me hate sharks.. and water... and swimming.

 Seen this on television and i loved it. It made me sympathetic to rodents and see them as more than vile creatures. Which was indeed good news for pet stores and bad news for my parents.

 He was a pissed off turtle who lived underwater. He always gave the ol turtle stank eye and literally flew into action destroying everything and kicking monster butt while leaving half of the population homeless. On a good note he loves the children.

War of the gargantuas
 From the corner of my mind i dug this one out. From what i remember there were two giant creatures one was always angry and the other one passive. They end up coming to blows because the angry one kept causing mayhem. It's like sibling rivalry gone wrong.

What's not to love about Infra-man, Goofy characters in costumes chop sockying the crap out of each other. This is way before power rangers, Actually way before anything else of its type here in the states. Highly recommended!!

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