Monday, November 10, 2008

The gen-x guide to gen-x movies

Movies always speak for a generation, I would like to point that my generation would most likely be the gen-x generation, aka slackers, aka everything else. What could have been better than being young and giving the man the finger. I've done it at one point, worked menial jobs and being as free as i could ever want to be. Along the way a few movies came out at the time that made perfect sense to me. i would like to capture this moment to reflect back to my past slackerful, grimy, grungy, dirty, not giving a fuck life a.k.a my past

This movie is probably the best of the bunch. Great soundtrack that captured the era perfectly, This movie had a bunch of 20 somethings rocking out and having relationships. nice comedy/drama with a seattle grunge twist.

Yet another movie that came out about the same time to catch in on the craze, The story had to do with a bunch of college grads who have no idea what to do after college, all that and a grunge/mtv feel thrown in and you have "Reality bites".

So two friends fall for the same girl and then end up having a "Threesome" get it?.... anyway, Afterwards the whole friendship thing goes down the crapper. All for the name of ass...Does it get any worse? on.

I don't remember this movie much, I remembered trying to watch this but it was friggin horrible. Stephen dorff is to the grunge era what captain crunch is to pancakes. This movie is straight up gaaaabaaaaage!

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