Tuesday, November 18, 2008

They always come in three

I hate underwater, i hate underwater movies, i hate monsters underwater. I hate them all, it makes me crazy i tell you. When i heard they had made an underwater monster movie i was cringing and running to the theatre at the same time, but three underwater monster movies at almost the same time was something my sanity might not handle, You know, big movie screens, underwater shots.....silence.....then..... Monster!!! I'm a big horror movie fan so i had no choice, but the whole underwater thing...bleeech!! Damn you sharkie..

So, there was this thing about a sunken sub and they send a bunch of guys down there to see how it had happened, but they happen to stumble upon signs of life underwater and we're not talking about the fishy kind. More like a close encounters type of deal but unda da sea! This flick is the best of the bunch, Now go kiss de girrrrl!

Deepstar 6Yep. so a group of scientists in an underwater base go on to disturb an ancient underwater creature and all mayhem breaks loose all thanks to a lobster reptile thingy, Man vs nature with gore everywhere. Will anyone survive?

LeviathanThis time a team of scientists in yet another underwater lab stumble across a sunken ship and get infected by drinking a flask of liquor they had found aboard...yep.....So they end up with a mutant fish monster thing and it ain't happy, all that and the guy from Robocop too.. oh yeah....and Ernie hudson (but of course, the brother gets killed).

Special mention.....

Devil fishThis movie is soooo bad i cannot accurately describe it. Leave it up to the Europeans to fuck it up. We got your devil fish food!

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