Monday, December 1, 2008

I will karate chop you into oblivion

In the 80's every saturday at exactly 3 pm was time for Drive in movie on channel 5, The majority of the films were martial arts, And damn i couldn't wait. Every other month they'd play 5 deadly venoms and i never got tired of watching it, I could list the hundred or so films shown that i still somehow remember but i'll just put up a few. And of course they are Shaw bros. The company responsible for releasing the very best in old school kung fu films. These kung fu films shined brightly until the early 90's where a new type kung fu cinema hit the circuit. But that's another post.

Chinese super ninjas

The Crippled avengers

Five deadly venoms

The flying guillotine
Times have indeed changed, and now everything is available either on cable, online or your local bootleg dvd seller, But no matter what i will always remember the good old days when you had to wait a full week to get your kung fu on.

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