Thursday, December 11, 2008

Movies that define human logic or why are you so stupid?

Ok, so i watch alot of movies, Tons of them. Every once in a while i run into a movie based on real events or whatever and i think to myself, can humans really be this stupid.. apparently yes, and hollywood churns a profit, Yay!

Open waterWhy would you do this? Why would you dive in open waters and drift off from your party, Its a shame to have happened but damn. There's sharks in there! Man 0 -Nature 2

A perfect stormSo a bunch fisherman give it the old college try in hopes to score the catch of the century and run smack into a storm. Mother nature ain't takin no guff.

Into the wildSome guy gives up his earthly posessions and decides to live off the land and lo and behold, he ends up starving to death. I don't even want to take a walk in a park, why would you want to live in a friggin forest wiping your ass with a rabbit? I don't get it..

Grizzly manOk this is beyond me, Some guy actually camps out and lives in the woods with grizzly bears and other animals all while swearing on earth that nature is his best friend. You may think that either this guy is a total nut job or actually cares for these animals. Fuck it, this guy is nuts. Nice scenery and lots of nature shots will make you feel like living out there too, That's until the last act when he's mauled and eaten by said friends of the forest. Brother bear they ain't.

Amityville horrorNo amount of santeria or chango or whatever will make me stay in that house. Oh yeah and before i leave, MOLOTOV!!

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