Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I was looking for some movies to watch today and i stumbled upon a few that i haven't seen in ages. and why did i specifically choose these?  I was a huge fan of fantasy and there was only one man who reigned supreme decades ago, you can always count on him to bring the quirky animated monsters to life in the big screen, From Jason and the Argonauts to Clash of the titans and the original King Kong  His name? Ray Harryhausen. Master stop motion animator extraordinaire.
I remembered watching this movie in the theaters and i was simply amazed.

Especially this part This idea sparked endless skeletal warriors to be used in just about every other video game made to date. Thanks to one man!

This was the last of the Sinbad movies from the 70's and man was this movie good.

 I know these movies are old school and can't even be compared with the new techniques of film making,   But I am glad to have experienced seeing these films in theaters. Times and techniques have changed but my heart will remain.

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