Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weird shit in movies..

I know movies are suppose to be make believe, but sometimes they don't make much sense to me. It looks like writers sometimes just throw caution into the wind and take a risk at writing something that doesn't make sense to anyone. Leaving the audience wondering if they are big idiots... Ooookeeeee, Here's a good one by no other than M. Night Shyamalan, In the movie people suddenly become crazy and kill each other or themselves because of the air.....yeah....air. but it becomes abundantly clear just how stupid the whole idea is when you see the actors actually running away from the so called toxic winds...and how you do that is umm, up to the imagination..Mark walburg is still a small turd.

Ok, i can believe that someone could build traps and gadgets to kill, No big deal. But in Saw part 5 they had a character go into a chamber and it slowly went inside the floor as the walls started closing in crushing yet another hapless victim. My question is, Who built all this shit! there's no way a sickly man with cancer can build such elaborate traps that can be compared to as a bad day at Disney. But yet i can't stop watching.... Buy more tickets.....wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

It's far fetched enough that someone could rise from the grave and wreak vengeance, But during the final scene the crow character summons hundreds of crows as they fly thru his body directly into the main villian. And if that makes sense to you then you probably wrote the script.ok ok now!!......wait....ok ok now!!!....ummm.....wait....

Agent cooper has to try to solve a murder case, While he sleeps he has weird dreams involving a dancing midget who talks backwards with subtitles displayed in english....ummm...wha?...ssik ym ssa!

There's a scene in this movie where there's a kid sitting on a bench, He gets up and yells pancakes, Does a few weird karate moves and bites a guy in the hand. I don't get it man...Pancakes!!

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