Monday, July 6, 2009

Movies that defined endings

Ah yes, more movies, But this time around it's my most memorable movie endings that for some reason i can never shake off. So here goes.

Silent rage
After some guy is injected with a super serum he wreaks havok all over the place until chuck norris come out of nowhere and kung-fu kicks his ass down a well. And he lives....cripes!

The deadly spawn
Ok here goes, Some alien life form invades a small town, and while the lil slugs are mucking about the mother of all monsters is slowly growing in a basement until it decides it's time to chew ass and kick bubble gum. In the end after the monster is officially destroyed there is a huge rumble and roar as an even bigger creature emerges from under the earth which looked like a mountainside.

Ok, so some guy runs around killing women and then proceeds to nail their scalps to mannequins. And at the very end the said mannequins come to life and tear his insides out...umm...yeah..just like that..And after all that his eyes open up like if he was still alive...Bleeeech!

A terrorist strikes fear into everyone and it's up to silvester stallone and lando calrissian to stop him... i mean yeah...that guy. the colt 45 guy. so yeah, at the end Mr stallone dons a wig and pulls a i fooled you routine and shoots that mofo terrorist in the ass...and for once no one wakes up..

A psychopath is loose of course, This time he's hacking up women and making his own woman piece by piece with the body parts, So they kill the bad guy but lo and behold the jigsaw girl awakens and grabs a guy by the nuts and crushes them...noice!

10 to midnight
Charles bronson's mustache..i mean charles bronson, plays a detective after a serial killer. After the killer runs butt ass naked while being chased by charles bronson he is caught by the cops, While the psychopath proceeds to threaten to kill his family Mr bronson takes no guff and shoots the perp in the head while in custody...And by that i mean forehead.

Sleepaway camp
There's some screwy stuff going on at a camp ground, with random killings involving knives, a beehive and a hot curling iron inserted into a no-no place..(i love the 80's). So yeah at the end the killer is seen sitting by the beach fully nude. and when the femal killer angela stands up she rocks the biggest schlong in horror films to date. Doogan!There's something definitely wrong with the twizaaat!

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dude, you have to plug your blog somewhere and let the public read it, its friggin hilarious, more more mooore!!,lol