Thursday, August 27, 2009

Things i will always miss.

4.Comic book stores
I was a huge comic book collector, even as a kid, i couldn't wait until wednesday afternoon to run and pick up any new title or issue that i was currently collecting, Every week it never failed. By my 20's i started working in an actual comic store for 3 years and it was the best time i had working anywhere.

3.Hanging out at the arcades
Yes, My love of videogames started very early in my childhood, I would spend countless hours playing arcade machines, We knew every location(Be it a local bodega, pizzaria or game room) and we were there, It was like a cult. And after console machines dominated the scene everything came to an abrupt end, Those were very good times.

2.Comic conventions
Almost every other month we'd get an invitation to NYC comic con and we'd always attend. Along with a backpack of comicbooks to be autographed by artist or writers. We would wait hours just to get an autograph and suck up to artists for a mere 10 seconds. Oh! the glory!

1.Videogame stores
I truly believe that throughout my youth i've been to just about every videogame store in new york city, We'd go talk smack, buy/sell and trade games usually on a weekly basis. We made it our business to stop by a place called Joysticks (now closed). They had an employee there who we nicknamed hooterbabe. Who drew clientelle thru a stragetically placed marketing ploy (Boobs) and everyone fell for it, Ah yes..the good old days, We will never forget hooterbabe...

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