Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In case you're not familiar with Judge Dredd movies or If it ain't right the first time, Fickin' do it again!

2000 a.d comics from the U.K makes it's way to the states
(yes i had this very same issue)

 Some of the characters who appear are.

      Judge dredd, Main character and an officer from Mega city one.

Judge Anderson, Psychic officer who helps out Dredd from time to time

Fergee, On and off again sidekick

Mean Machine, Recurring villain who loves the headbutt.

Judge Hershey, Judge Dredds's partner when out on the beat.

And why would anyone care?
because someone made this happen

Wait... his helmet is off. let's try again..


              Mean Machine, Check, True to his character. Spot on.

            Fergee, Check! wait that's Rob Schneider, Looks promising!

Hey! It's Judge Dredd's clone! Not from the comic but they look identical!

Judge Hershey, Check.. No almonds.

All the actors are in place, The uniforms are too awesome for words! This is a dream come true! Finally! A Judge Dredd movie! It's gonna be a winnah!

General consensus say.. It bombed..

How can this be, everything was lined up perfectly, With a huge action star and uniforms made by Versace,  The problem was no one had even heard of Judge Dredd, Only if you lived in the U.K or were a true comic book collector/reader this was a dream come true, This was strictly a U.K character with a movie made in the good ol' U.S of A, So what can go wrong, Everything, Out goes the political satire and meaning of justice from the books because you know. Americans are much different, We only want kooky sidekicks slapped with buffoonery, Endless unnecessary gun play, Shit one liners, Explosions, Predictable double crossings and wooden acting. aaaand he took his helmet off..Yeah... it was that bad...

                                             But on with the story.

Judge dredd is framed for a murder by no other than his brother who is a clone, He reunites with fergee who he had arrested earlier in the film and umm.. yeah, Dredd fights Mean machine, kills a bunch of people, someone unimportant gets betrayed and killed by a robot, Some other shit happens and after a climactic standoff Dredd kills his clone brother, Saves the day and gives his promotion to Judge Hershey. Suck it..

Some 17 odd years later.

Now, I can say that this is a much more closer adaptation to it's source material. And yes, It's not cluttered with characters who no one will care about anyway and no surprising sub plots or double crosses or tits and ass and shit one liners, Blah! it's everything that the original Judge Dredd movie wanted to be but couldn't, To be honest,  It's an unamerican movie. How can this be. It's ultra violent, Ultra bloody, But for some reason it works. Because fuck it, They are judges and that's what they do. Pass judgement. It's like the movie "The raid" injected with Judge Dredd and being directed by an early John Carpenter/Zack Snyder/Paul Verhoeven.

Is there a story here? Sure is.. 

                                                                                              Judge Dredd


                                                          Judge Anderson

go after

                                                                        Ma Ma

And Dredd's final verdict? Death of course... the end..

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