Thursday, January 24, 2013

Your kid might be possessed if, a quick guide from the movie The possession.

If you go to a yard sale and buy a wooden box for your kid and don't check the contents.
Jewish satanic inscriptions? Gold!

If your kid stabs you with a fork and you think its an overreaction.
OK! it's definitely time out young lady!

Your  kids room is infested with moths, and you think its normal
Ok hunny, your mothra obsession is going waaaay overboard.

Your kids teacher gets killed in her own school and you send her back like nothing happened.
The system failed me!

If your kid swallows moths and.. wait...that is normal right?
Ah, the life of a teenager.

If your trying to read the Torah while your kid is in bed to exorcise a demon.
The power of Christ compels! ummm.. wait.. Jesus saves!... no...wait.. um.. oy vey!.

If you drive to Brooklyn to find a Jew priest and end up on a fake movie set.
Definitely the left at Albuquerque

Your kid rips out mommy's boyfriends teeth and hes never heard of again.
Tell her i lover her! waaaaa! mommyyyyyy!

Your kid's in hospital for a mri and they strap on a face mask!
Yep, medicaid at work..

If a Jewish priest performs an exorcist and an evil soul crawls out of you and into a box.
Definitely bringing out the gimp.

If said jew is killed in a crash but the box stays intact.
Waiting for next teen.... Anyone? anyone?

Moral to this story, If your marriage is in the shits, Get your kid possessed.
Remember that thing with the demon and stuff? ahaahahahah! hilarious!

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