Sunday, October 13, 2013

Movie cliches part 2!!

Well, I'm back with more movie cliches! I guarantee 4 out of 5 movies have at least one of these embedded in the script somewhere. I think i actually saw a movie recently that had all said cliches rolled into one. Cripes..

Always hitting your target
 In the movie world, No matter what type of gun you're using or if you have human hands or lobster claws will never miss a shot. 2 feet or 100 feet? No problem, Mid air or underwater? I got this. In reality you will probably hit an innocent bystander or your car windshield.

Being the underdog
No matter what situation, gender or race. In movies the underdog will always win. From life learning lessons about responsibility, inheriting some great fortune or learning a skill set in kung fu ass kicking. The downtrodden will survive. Buuut in real life the only person on top of the food chain is your boss telling you to unclog that toilet. Awesome.

Living happily ever after
The ultimate cliche as seen in just about every movie and more to come in the near future, Guy meets girl, Guy and girl do a bunch of things, Guy and girl do the thing, And guy and girl ride off into the sunset. In the real world it's totally different, because there's umm, infidelity, old age, mounting bills, weight gain and all of that good stuff that can end your relationship. The future is bright..

Stupid people!
 Bought a house where a mass murder occured? Check. Swam in shark infested waters? Check. Picked up that hitchhiker? Check. Rode around during a tornado? Check. The list goes on and on, The movie world is filled with inept individuals who want nothing more than to fill their infantile curiosity. As long as there's a movie script somewhere it'll be filled with dumb asses.

Boss fight!
The super ultimate cliche if i ever seen one, Almost every other movie produced will end up with a final battle. I don't mean to spoil it for you but you see that (insert name here) good guy over there? He will fight some (insert name here) super villain and win. How else are you gonna close a two hour movie?

Character dying while revealing plotline
From Star wars to damn if i know, There's always someone dying and spilling guts as to who the killer is, Where the money is stashed or where someone hid that ham sandwich. There's something about dying folk that can help a movie plot run smoothly. Works every time..

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