Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Again with the cliches? Yeah! Another top 5

It's been a while but i present to you another installment of Movie cliches! Brought to you by every movie studio imaginable.

1. Computer hacker

 Do you need a computer guy to break into the pentagon or jlos cell phone? Hell yeah! Just about every movie that involves a computer couldn't be complete without a hacker to get a comp started in 5 seconds flat and types random keys until, voila! Problem solved!

2. Intricate problem solving to defeat villain.

 Problem defeating Godzilla, your possessed girlfriend or the monsters from pacific rim? Just add a scientist, someone smarter than an 8th grader or random ass good luck and you have yourself a grand finale.

3. Love making

 I just shot down a flying saucer and punched the vice president in the mouth, now lets go have sex. Because you know... it has to carry the plot along.. I have an idea, there's a porno movie see.. and right in the middle of mammal tomfoolery the guy leaves and stabs a shark while scuba diving.. genius!

4. Everyone knows karate

 Name one action movie where someone doesn't get chop sockied, spin kicked or hadookened. And if your an Asian, forget it, you're handing down 5 generations of whoop ass.

5. The skeptic

 No matter what goes on this character will never believe anything. A maniac on the loose? Just your imagination, the dog writing your name on the wall with bloody piss? Ha ha, fool me once. The world could freeze over and the response would be that the air condition is too high..

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