Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Frank millaaarrrghghg!!

I love Frank miller as well as his artwork, his stories and movie adaptions. He has been praised by all, One time i even walked up to him at a comic convention to get his autograph. So i can say, I am a huge fan of his work. I can't possibly list all the books he has done and yeah, I might have missed a series or two but his transition to hollywood can be easily followed. So here are the list of movies he has done or had been involved in.

Ah well, The first robocop was a hoot and this one tries to follow in it's suit, While the special effects were pretty darn good the story is a jumbled mess, Ultra violence and a killer 12 year old will make you shake your head in disbelief with such an inept storyline, But whatever, This movie came out in 1990 so there's an excuse, But frank miller wrote this in his heyday so...ummm, what's your excuse dude?

What's not to say about this one, Straight out of the Sin city comic series comes this film, And man whas everyone blown away. With three stories going on at once we are immersed into a world of black and white film noir with little splashes of red, Amazing triumph for all involved.

Ah man, 300 is something to behold, It's basically a story about the spartan army holding down the fort until they are all killed. ummm, yeah. it supposedly happened. But the sick visuals and hyped action set pieces makes this one memorable. A definite watch.

The Spirit, What the hell? Ok this is what happens when you have too many eggs in one basket, one will eventually fall over. and boy is this movie it. Going back to the style of sin city we have the black and white thing, The one liners, The dames, The guns, and all that good stuff, But the script is so bad and umbelieveable that if you can actually sit thru this i swear i'll give you $50 bucks, An all star cast can't save this movie, I'm upset that i can't watch this in it's entirety and i have a feeling alot of people out there can't either. Don't bother man. This movie sucks balls..

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