Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's 2010 and it's already time for the chop!

Wow, the year 2010, I would think that maybe we should have flying saucers and hovercraft vehicles and teleportation, but nothing..None of the above, All we get are crappy movies and games and celebrity gossip and all sorts of nonsense. So yeah, It's time for things to get the CHOP!

Windows vista, Aaaah poor thing, you were suppose to be the way of the future, With your super incompatability issues and ability to use up cpu resources to run at a normal rate, It's no wonder you were put to rest after only like 3/4 years or something. You wanna try out this new program?...nope it won't work. Wanna play this game or that game on it? nope. That's ok, i have my friend here with a few words.HASSAN CHOP!!!

Smokin' aces 2, Yep it's a sequel prequel or something..Whatever, This movie went straight to dvd which means it's crap. And boy is it ever! Poor vinnie jones, I give him credit, he'll make any movie sound good on paper and he can ham it up. but this story is so dumb it's more confusing and uninteresting than the first Smokin aces. And yeah, it's low budget with cgi explosions and cliche' slo' mo shootouts. I swear this couldve been a scifi channel exclusive.Hassan chop!

Celebrity gossip, I don't care, i dont caaare! Why would i need to know which celebrity is starving him/herself or someone broke up with someone else or sold/bought a new huge ass house or got a new facelift or wrecked their vehicle or got into rehab or got divorced or had a new baby or arrrghghgh!! Oh wait. Lindsey lohan is in trouble again. Say hello to my little friend. HASSAN CHOP!

Dark void, Good premise, Some guy flies around in a jetpack destroying flying vehicles and on the ground he shoots it out with aliens, But when you actually play, you will spend a great deal of time crashing into things and moving the mouse in all directions just to gain control of the damn jetpack, the ground levels are quite boring, with ho' hum run and gun action. I tried to like this, i really did, And if you have a trackball mouse....FAIL. I would rather just watch The rocketeer. And for that... Hassan chop!

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