Saturday, October 9, 2010

Movie cliches that will never die!

Yeah, I can sit here and go on forever being that the movie industry is saturated with copycat storylines and stolen ideas, As for me here are a few that i feel stand out in my eyes. But then again, Slo motion action still rules..

Insubordinate subordinates

As always there are the lackeys who never get anything right, They usually let the prisoner escape or fail to shoot straight and miss every opportunity or crash into a ditch during a car chase or Blah blah blah.... the list goes on. Always a sure win in action movies.

Moving away from an explosion while conversating

Yes, Once the trend was set by good ol Tarantino it spread like filler wildfire. I mean how cool is that, Big explosion while you walk away unfazed talking about royale with cheese. But in real life that shit would knock you on your ass while dealing with tinitis for about a year.

The Love interest

Why man...whyyy. Doesnt everyone know that if you were a real hero saving the day she would probably just get upset at the fact that you are saving the day and not paying attention to her...

The nerd comic relief

Revenge of the nerds for the year 2k, Every teen movie is nothing without a ubernerd to stir shit up. Either he's a vag repellent or just an idiot pretty much sums up the premise of the character. Go goof troop!

First date scenes

It always happens, The movie couple hook up and end up doing about 7 or eight montage shots of walking in a park, Shooting pool, Apple picking, Sky diving and shark hunting all in the span of a day, But they will never show how they got there. I.e Cab, subway, Walking or whatever, What the hell i guess only in movies there is no such thing as laws of physics.

Movie characters coming back after being shot or stabbed or whatever.

Up to this day writers and directors seem to think that this formula works. Such a cheap way to end any kind of movie, The scare/suprise factor is non existent because it has been done to a degree of human dna coding, We see it coming man. Please stop.

But then again there are few suprisesBEN (1972)

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