Friday, October 15, 2010

Random movie characters who could've been contenders.

This is my totally random list of movie characters who were side players and somehow managed to stand out while they lasted onscreen. I'm pretty sure i'm missing a few.

Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz(inglorious basterds)
Is known as a maniac to both German and US forces,As a nazi he ended up killing scores of nazi ranking officials before being imprisoned, Once freed he joined the basterds but ends up dying in a shootout. not enought screen time i tell you.

Floyd(True romance)
All this guy did was use up all the toilet paper, talked smack watched t.v and smoked weed. that's it... nothing else. Who says you have to do alot to get attention.

Rorschach (Watchmen)

Who cares about all the other characters problems when you have rorschach to show you how the jobs done, Sadistic and somewhat crazy he's what dark heroes are made of. Was it fair for him to get killed?

Mr furious (Mystery men)
He has absolutely no powers but he can get mad like a 10 year old catching a tantrum. The only one who can pull this off is ben stiller. or course..

Bunny(platoon)What this guy boils down to is a stone cold soldier who has no qualms smashing skulls in and putting people out of their misery, With a name like Bunny what did you expect.

Bub (Day of the dead)

He managed to surpass all the other zombies as far as intelligence. What happened to him after this movie? no one will ever know.

Holy hell, his rail machine gun was the craziest weapon ever, It was ridiculous to have him killed so quick. rematch!

Lightning (Big trouble in little china)

Holy hell, You had kung fu fighters all over the place and then you had this guy, Who's lightning skill was displayed for a mere few seconds time before chop sockying everyone to death in an alleyway rumble.

Hit girl (kick ass)
So here is this 9 year old girl who can dodge bullets and end the life of just about anyone who crosses her path. Awesome character indeed.

Lord humungus(The road warrior)
Man, This dude was crazy. As the leader he'd choke out his own henchmen just to prove a point. They definitely should have shown more of this guy doing umm.. more choking people and ummm.. more speeches about taking oil and gas and stuff.... yeah..

Ajax (The warriors)
He never took any guff and got down with the rumbles, He called everyone wimps and fags and didn't take any shit. Why this guy never made warlord status is beyond me.

Jesus quintana (The big lebowski)
I can't even tell you how random this choice was, All i can say is that he takes bowling to a whole new level.

Mani (brotherhood of the wolf)
Yep, a sidekick who hardly ever spoke but when the gloves come off get ready to have a mani foot up your ass, Claimed to be a real native american indian this guy was every man's dream of lethal backup.

Jet jaguar (godzilla vs megalon)

Whaaaat? How can you have a cool ass robot for a sidekick, And he can fly and give karate chops like no one's business, Haaaiiiiiiiiii!!!

Pumpkin and Hunny bunny(Pulp fiction)
Totally bad ass stick up team who definitely have the cool and demeanor to rob you blind or shoot you in the face. All while calling each other by their pet names. awww...

Fredo (godfather)

Ah, im just kidding....

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