Sunday, October 17, 2010

The art of choking the chicken

In a world of super heroes and action stars there are bound to be the incredibly inept chicken shits, The ones who make you either wish for their demise or cheer at their total lack of judgement aka running away. Here's to you man!

Sgt o'neill(Platoon)This is the common case of chicken shit and ass kisser all into one! His motivation is clearly based on the fact that no one gives a shit if he lives or dies.

Pvt hudson(Aliens)Awww c'mon, you know who this is. He can hang in the best of shootouts but when the going gets tough he exist stage left real quick. I'm not gonna say the catchphrase man, I'm not gonna say it....

Malak(Conan the destroyer)A true gem, has no fighting ability or skills. All he did was take cover and stole artifacts. I believe he might have hit a person or two on a whimsical scale, Everyone needs one of these on their team.

Luther(The warriors)Wow, You commit a crime and totally lay it on someone else by starting a rumour. And on top of that you can't rumble, The super ultimate fifth grade bitch move.

That guy from the mummy 2Totally looks like a modern day Don knotts, everything he did was by total accident and actually came off as a hero. huh?

Lalin'(Carlito's way)
Ok, It's bad enough you're in a wheelchair, But getting caught wearing a wire to bring down your boys always sets a new low in chicken shit 101.

The pilot(dawn of the dead)Ah yeah, a true gem, not only is this guy stupid, he can't aim a rifle and doesn't know the concept of a back up plan. Traits you definitely don't want in a zombie apocalypse. Way to go champ. I'm sure he can pull it off.

On second thought...

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Anonymous said...

oh man, rofl!!!!!! top 10 this one please