Saturday, November 20, 2010

Grabbing the nuts (in retrospect)

I've slayed thru tons of them, Possibly thousands, Some were memorable to a degree of joy and some were downright forgetfully awful. I'm of course speaking of Video games. So here are a few random games from random systems that were so insanely hard to beat that after doing so i got up and grab these big ol nuts with a sense of accomplishment.

Mike Tyson's punch out! (nes)OK, to get to Mike Tyson you had to fight a ton of boxers and if you made it all the way up the ranks Mike will knock you out with one punch, kinda like in real life.


Ghost and goblins (nes)This game is so hard that even after you beat it you go back to the beginning and have to finish it again to get the proper ending. what's even worse than that? NO SAVESTATE OR PASSWORD!

Adventures of bayou billyMy fondest memory was when the last boss came out with two henchmen and i got the shit kicked out of me followed by a game over screen. I hate you...

Honorable mention
Ninja gaiden series
Megaman series
Metroid (fucked up password system)

Dark savior (Sega Saturn)3/4th view made it impossible at certain levels, and if you don't believe me, Try out the mining cart stage.

X-men (Sega Saturn)Finishing it was easy, But finishing it with Akuma is downright impossible. Like continued a hundred times impossible.

Honorable mention
Panzer dragoon series
Shining force series
Tomb raider

Hell (3do)Point here click there, that's all you had to do in this game, But the puzzles were downright impossible, You had to have two full functioning brains to figure it all out, and i did but also inherited insanity. Thank you.

Beelzebub,Belial, Mephistopheles,Beelzebub,belial,Mephistopheles,Beelzebub,Belial,Mephistopheles (Play it, you'll know what i mean)

Honorable mention
Road rash

Spiderman/xmen (snes)You will never finish this game.. i guarantee...The end is ficking nigh!

Ah how i reminisce over that Gambit stage.. Classic.

Honorable mention
Super ghouls and ghost

Chakan (Sega Genesis)How can i explain this one, It's an action platformer with an awesome character that came out of nowhere, Man was this game hard to beat. I remember after you make it to the final boss you only have one try. After that, Game over man.

Honorable mention
Sword of sodan
Target earth
Phantasy star series

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