Monday, December 14, 2009

Top albums of the year!!

Top music albums of the year!! So many albums so little time. I will break it down to it' simplest form.

I know, who the hell is that. Well, My brother actually put me on to this, It has some house/techno feel to it, maybe he can explain it better, but it's really good to listen to while you drive, makes you want to run over a pedestrian or two.

Alice in chains
How can this be?..There hasn't been an Alice in chains album in about a decade and after the passing of Layne staley those chances had declined to zero, But this is a new era, With a new singer on lead and all of the original members on instruments this album will kick your ass, steal your money and leave you in a bloody pulp. Insane album.

Hope sandoval and the warm inventions
Wow,is this album good. So laid back and serene, makes you want to never leave the comforts of your home. Hope sandoval of Mazzy star fame takes you back to a time when things were calm and collective. Very good album.

Doom, Born like this
Crazy beats, Mf doom never disappoints. Being that he has so many albums some people might find this one hard to swallow but if you start with a fresh mindset you will definitely like this one. A good album that definitely needs a listen to. Underground heads only.

Nirvana live at the reading
Man, Nirvana always take me back. Listening to newly released album from a band long gone further captures that moment in time. Everyone needs to listen to this, Especially wack ass bands that sound aweful and have no idea how to put together a good album. so yeah..

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