Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The wacky world of spanish television

These are my most memorable spanish tv shows

El chavo del ocho
Ok, so theres this street where everyone has a love hate relationship, add El chavo del ocho and you have not only a royal pain in the ass but the one person who holds the neighbours together with his oddball humour and stupidity. Now where can i get a recording of that weird spanish laugh track?

Walter mercado
Do i really need to explain this one? Ok, this guy usually comes on at night for a brief time to predict fortunes and so forth, He's been around since before my time and will probably be here afterwards, Now that's entertainment!

Yay! Really pretty teens running around on stage enticing the lil ugly kiddies in the background! Oh the joy! Yay! ummm..yeah. so anyways, It's a kiddie variety show where they sometimes show cartoons and so forth, Is it entertaining? probably. Is it entertaining if your old and like teens running around half nude...yes.

Chapulin colorado
Another oddball show, This time it's a supposed superhero who never does anything right, He's always usually wrong about everything but somehow comes out on top, No musclebound hero to be found here, Just some disheveled out of shape guy in a red costume. Just like real life i suppose.

Sabado gigante
So, this is a variety show that they show EVERY Saturday, And guess what, it's about 3 friggin hours long! Why would you watch this show on a saturday? umm because there's alot of guest stars and half naked women running around or dancing (always a plus). What are the qualifications for watching this show...let's see, you have to know spanish and you definitely must have no social life.

Luz clarita
You can best describe this show as the spanish version of Little orphan Annie, Everyone seems to love this character because guess what, she knows more than everyone else. Now add intrigue, mystery dream sequences and umm, betrayal and so forth and you have every ingredient for a soap opera exactly like this one, and Days of our lives and um As the world turns...yeah whatever.

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