Monday, December 14, 2009

Top pc games!

Pc gaming!! I will try to definitely narrow this down. way too many games for pc this year

Modern warfare 2
Is this game good? Hell yes. Better than the first? Hell yes, This awesome sequel has you running around the world doing missions by different characters, Very good story that will suck you in completely, Albeit a bit short you will come back to do the bonus missions. Definitely worth playing.So puuurty!

Batman arkham asylum
What? a batman game that's actually good? Not only is it good, it's fucking fantastic! With an over the shoulder pov you have the whole batman arsenal at your feet, Batarangs ect ect, And with your ability to pull off crazy fight combos and weapon upgrades you will actually feel like drop kicking someone in real life...If i can do this all day i would.

Wow, did this game take hours of my life, It's a fps Rpg where you move from mission to mission gaining experience as you try to reach your ultimate goal. This game is for level grinders only! Oh yeah, there's also an expansion pack with new missions! nice!I picked the skinny guy with the goggles.

Left for dead 2
Ah the joy of killing zombies. Ah the joy of killing zombies online with your friends! All you have to do is get to point a to point b with zombies running around everywhere. They'll chase your ass down and pull no punches. But with a good amount of weapons in your arsenal you'll even out those odds. Very addicting experience.If you have no health left right now, you are fucked.

Waited forever for this, A fine addition to the franchise, This time around you have Powers like slo motion and so forth, I wont go into detail but it's fps at it's finest, too bad you can beat it in a few hours.Ah, The joy of nazi signs everywhere gives you the more reason to kill nazis..

Red faction guerilla
In this game you do what you do best, and that is blow shit up and take over sections of the map until you occupy everything. Crazy fun and addicting!Once again, If i could do this in real life, i would.

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