Monday, December 14, 2009

Top movies of the year!!

It's my top favorite movies of the year! i'll try to narrow it down being that there's only been about 400 movies released.

Drag me to hell
A elderly woman is denied a loan and puts a curse on the unsuspecting loan clerk. It's goofy fun and gross out humour that always screams director Sam raimi.

District 9
This movie came out of nowhere, An alien craft runs out of gas over johannesburg and leaves the aliens stranded on earth. They're put into camps and years later are feared and hated by humans. Things get bad to worst when a human becomes infected and has dna access to alien weaponry which are useless to humans. Really good stuff.

A quick and simple movie about zombies running amock on earth, This movie focuses mainly of 4 survivors who fight their way to nowhere. It's more comparable to the original Day of the dead if everyone got along and used their brains. Why does this movie remind me of left for dead 2 for pc?....

Inglorious basterds
This is Quentin tarantino's spin on the german occupation of france, Along with a group of nazi killers called the Basterds. The main focus is on everyone with each scene heavy on dialogue and set action pieces that when actually happen cause quite an effect. Prepare to take 3 hours of your life.

500 days of summer
A man reflects on his failed relationship with an after, before and during timeline. Sappy stuff but i'm sure everyone can relate to this movie.

Super mention!!

Star trek
How can i not put this movie here. I can't stress enough how everyone needs to see this. so yeah, This movie shows us the origins of the world famous start trek crew of James t kirk. And yes, he even bangs a green chick..nice

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