Friday, September 12, 2008

Young perception vs adult reality.

Call me stupid, When you'r a kid you'd believe anything. Aside from the usual fare of movies that i've watched, Horror, Action, Sci fi, There were some that i actually believed would happen when i was in my youth. I've always held on to those thoughts and came out disappointed (or glad) that they never happened. So here are some of those movies.

Bad boysThis movie made me decide to NEVER end up in prison, I mean what is so good about prison besides the brutal rapes, Being beat up and shivved, I call this the scared straight movie of my youth.

The reality is that this movie might be as real it's portrayed, I don't know i've never been to jail. So i'm off the hook.

Class of 1984I saw this in the movies and i didn't want attend high school EVER!. This movie showed violence and drug use with students doing basically whatever they wanted in a run down high school leaving the teachers to fend for themselves.

But in reality my high school was calm and quiet and it was easy to cut class let alone cut school. I was let off the hook again. I didn't get stabbed in the bathroom while dropping a deuce.

10 to midnight
Starring super mustachioed Charles bronson as a cop chasing around a serial killer who preys on women, At one point the killer ran around butt naked with a knife.

In reality i have yet to see a butt naked killer running around or heavily mustachioed cops but i'm not holding my breath.Thought i was kidding?

Dawn of the deadAs a kid i though...It's possible, You know, zombies coming back to life and eat the living because of some medical screw up, I actually looked out into the night in hopes of seeing one slowly walk out of the shadows but it never happened, My nightmare never came thru.

In reality it never happened or will it ever, The only zombies around here are now called junkies. But i'm still waiting....

C.H.U.DThis movie was about a bunch of monsters living in the sewers on New York City. It's hard not to believe this one when i was young, 1. I lived in new york city, 2. I used to see people in them damn subway tunnels all the time, 3. I was really young. So my nightmares worked out perfectly.

The grim reality is that only homeless people live down there and umm. there are no such things as monsters. But i already knew that...

The road warriorAfter this movie was released we were flooded with other movies using the same apocalyptic world gone to hell idea, But in this movie the world has gone to the crapper and everyone survives in small pockets all while battling the forces of an evil motor gang, Everyone is fighting for the same thing, Oil.

In reality it's not too far fetched, While we are not in a post apocalyptic world it seems like maybe we are fighting for control of hmmm. waitaminit.To be continued........

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