Monday, September 29, 2008

Back when reading adult mags was a bad thing.

Waaaay back in the days of no internet, ipod, cell phone or much of anything i resorted to tons of reading (aside from the movie watching, radio listening or videogame playing). I can't possibly list the amount of material i've read growing up but looking back i now realize i might have read things that were out of my league, My father had a newstand in Brooklyn so i had easy access to certain magazines that i knew were not for kids. So here are the awesome mags i never forgot.

VampirellaThis is a no brainer, what kid would not want to see a partially nude vampire woman run around killing people, ummm yeah it had some short stories or something like that, I used to just stare at the cartoon hooters, Ma! ma! *suckle* *suckle*

Heavy metalOh do i remember this, It had full nudity and at a tender age of 9 or so it was forbidden. Anyone who has ever read this magazine knows not to let their kids read it so imagine my past predicament. I used to hide these so well i couldn't even find them. The price of being young.

Hustler humorI used to read these in my youth and had a blast, Damn those were funny. Why do i still remember Fats and Chester the molester? My insanity continues...

CreepyYet another horror magazine, But i always liked this one and actually had the issue in the pic! I remember this one being more sci-fi with a mix of horror. One particular story i remember featured some kid in the future who puts some gel in his hair and was being chased around the whole time by tons of women..weird... or was that the Eerie magazine...cripes..

EerieThis magazine had semi nudity and were composed of short horror stories. I had to have my monthly fix of this mag or i'd go nuts. Looking back i don't know how i never became a psychopath or serial killer, I just ended up eating alot of cereal.

Just one more

CondoritoPlease don't ask...

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