Monday, September 8, 2008

The price of having only 10 T.V channels

Waaaay before 500 channel cable boxes we had only 10 channels V.H.F 2,4,5,7,9,11 and 13. Also on U.H.F 31,41,47. Nothing but pure entertainment for all to see! (groan). As you can imagine it was hard to divide shows towards targeted audiences so it was simple, Kids shows in the morning and after school and adult shows at night, But sometimes they'd give any show at any given time and since you didn't have enough channels to click thru you had to watch, and watch and watch. Some shows i couldn't stand for the life on me. Here's the horror that was VHF/UHF T.V.

Mama's familyI never understood this show and i don't care, Just a bunch of southern accented country folk snappin dialogue one after the next, I don't remember any of the characters, All i remember are the dreams i had because i always fell asleep. Kiss my grits!I'm sorry, you're as funny as a car crash..

Small wonder
Ummm, this scientist guy creates a robotic little girl and introduces her to the family, all sorts of robotic antics and "you see i told you so" scenarios arise. Every episode ended with some sort of moral message but it's hard to believe it when you have a robot girl talking........!
Please unplug.

Silver spoonsThis rich kid that has everything has issues with everything and tries to resolve everything because he has the answers to everything. Yup..a hard show to watch when you live in Brooklyn and you eat spam sandwiches for dinner...Go me!The room i never had, Thanks for killing my esteem..

The love boat
Why would any kid watch a show with grown ass adults frolicking on a cruise ship on an ultimate quest to find love....or ass. All while wearing bellbottoms and open collars with gold chains. Ridiculous pick up lines by horny men knew no bounds. All i wanted to do was to give das boot the boot! Poor isaac..

Mister rogersYup, when there was absolutely nothing else on T.V you had to watch this..And boy was this show boooring. This show always influenced me to find other means of recreation in about 15 minutes. Next!

ManimalOoooohkay! So this guy has the ability to transform into any animal and fight crime. And why would you do that....Since animals can't hold weapons and kick ass.

M.A.N.T.I.SA very good idea on paper with a ho'hum cliche' story , Some guy gets paralyzed by a criminal and invents an exosuit and tons of other gadgets to fight wherever evil is afoot. But how many times can you do the same thing in every episode, Blah blah, this criminal blah blah that, I can't walk ever again! Blah blah. In the last episode he fights an invisible giant dinosaur...umm yeah. That's like having someone give you a nice vanilla waffle cone ice cream cone and then have the person spray fart a topping on it. I have two words.....One season.I have a M.A.N.T.I.S in my pantis.

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