Sunday, September 7, 2008

Everyday at 3:30

If you grew up in Brooklyn, 3:30 was important. It didn't matter what i did i was always alert, Is it time yet? Damn, not yet. Arrgh! i can't wait, I wonder what'll be on today? Yes! it's almost time! niice! Yo hurry up it's almost on!
Way before video shows featured glitz and glamour and targeted a selected audience and all the B.S there was Video music box. Every breaking artist at the time had his or her 5 minutes here, They played rap videos 5 days a week and also how can i forget alternative thursdays and old school fridays. Ralph mcdaniels kept it real and it all happened on Channel 31, a UHF station back when you can still change the T.V channels with a pair of pliers. Gangsta!

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