Monday, September 8, 2008

Goodbye C.I.

In a world where you can't get adjusted to anything, Things beyond anyone's control happen and mess it up for everyone. Sometimes it's noticeable, sometimes not. This week the focus is on the famed Coney Island amusement park, Definitely a landmark for anyone who has ever step foot there and especially for us New Yorkers. It's a sad thing for this to have happened. It just shows to prove nothing lasts forever. I loved this place, The atmosphere, The energy, The music, The crummy food. I've come down to this place ever since i was a child, and i'd get the same initial reaction everytime i'd arrive..

Old school dirty train station before it was recontructed. I bought candy from that very stand the same week it was closing for good and the owner gave me a bunch of free stuff. It's a shame.

How can anyone ever forget Nathan's.

I lived and breathed Fabers arcade in my youth.(especially during school hours)

My favorite ride, Good loud music and motion sickness abound.

You will never win..5 dollars fool!

Either you'd puke or get bruised. Either way you'll be grateful you've lived.

It's a shame to see this place go, All of my fondest memories lie here, I've been here with friends, My entire family, Everyone. I will never forget Coney Island. A fond farewell.


Anonymous said...

you are so right when you said this I will miss the old coney island to it where i found my true love and had three great kids,I love when i took my grandkids on there first and now it gone forever i will so miss the old C.i. but i will always be a coney island mami forever
it in my blood lol

Anonymous said...

even though i havent been there in a minute, its still the best place and the only place thats the good old americana. the food, rides, cotton candy smell and definitely that creepy clown music and claustophobic feeling will always take you back when you were a kid, no matter how old you are now. i read today in the paper that they might actually save astroland and leave it as is, which is fantastic news. I really regret that in the back of my mind, i will miss coney island and i wish i visited the place more. how can you forget the opening scene from "the warriors"...fantastic...