Saturday, September 20, 2008

Top umm...something.. what the f*ck was i listening to?

What can be worst than listening to some music nowadays and not being able to relate? How about music you grew up on and thinking it was the best thing ever? Welcome to my semi ridiculous music collection from my youth.

All my friends thought i had issues when i played it, This must have been the record that lead way to the whole electronica/techno/house thing, But at 8 years old i thought it was alien messages from space, All for a mere 5 bucks and anal probe free. What more can a kid ask for?..

The BeatlesIt was probably not my time to listen to this album, But they had this song called "Daytripper" on it and i was in love with it. Call me stupid but on the song's hook i thought they said "day of the triffids" which was a cheesy b movie that i was obsessed with. Hey man i was little. Fuggedaboutit!

Olivia newton johnI don't know how to explain this one. But i had this album, and it was on constant rotation. My sister used to try and work out while playing this record and we'd laugh and make fart noises, I'm just glad i didn't fall for the Olivia workout fad and wore leggings, That would've been awful...

Weird AlParody songs were pretty funny to me growing up so i had an earful when it came to Weird al. I suppose it was my fucked up sense of humor that i had this one in my collection, Would i ever listen to it now? ummmm. no.

Culture clubCaught up in the 80's craze i bought this album and i thought the songs were pretty good. It was just the whole man/woman thing that children at the time didn't understand. This was probably my worst "what was i thinking" moments. No homo..

La rondallitaI can never forget this album, It had the world famous latin song "Burrito de belen" and every holiday for years we'd play this song until one day the band came to our house and got the damn album back... They wanted payola.
Press play to hear the ultimate cheeseball fest.

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