Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Have you ever watched Cujo, on weed?

Quick, Tell me what you remember about the movie Cujo. Here's what i remember, There was a dog and umm the woman with the child stuck in the car in the heat and ummm the dog was bitten by a bat and it was all gross looking with drool and blood. Not in that exact same order but i pretty much just summed it up to accuracy according to memory. But what if i told you that it's way more deeper than that.

A nice family eating breakfast also joined by family friend, hmmm ain't it too early for aaah its OK, this is about Cujo. The undertones continue.. but this is Cujo right?

Everyone knows what's going on except hardworkin' dad. Because you know, he's busy with work n stuff.

Yes, The red flags are everywhere.. Cujo anyone?...Cujo?

Even as the clues pile up, He's still sleeping at the wheel, But hey, work is waaaay more important!

Enter, Cujo. Not only does he fight crime but he also fights anything remotely close, like umm. spousal verbal abuse and adultery.

So he springs into action to give a new meaning to the word comeuppance.

But in the end in some weird twisted way evil wins and Cujo is dead, because you know, we're human so we get away with stuff..

So there's your movie folks! The extreme adult version. But remember, if you do wrong your most likely to get maimed by some animal.

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