Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold (special guest tony)

Revenge, Isn't it great. To me, This genre of film kicks ass and definitely has profound meanings, And that if it were you, Would you do the same thing? tThese are some movies which in my opinion are super cool revenge films.

Great film, Great soundtrack. This movie is about a couple who both get killed, Then he returns from the grave to seek revenge so he can finally have closure.

I love this film because i met the creator of the book at planet Hollywood during the crow screening, He was a great guy, Collective and definitely saddened because Brandon lee died during filming. Just see this one and skip all the sequels, period.

This film is about two guys who are dispatched to hunt the mysterious beast that's killing the townsfolk.

Then they finally trap the beast but it still gets away only to reveal corruption, Politics and vengeance when one of the hunters gets murdered.Plus theres great fight scenes and awesome costumes and a great script makes this a must watch film.

A little less than the comic, but damn close. It's based on a character named "v" who starts extracting revenge on a corrupt government and personal issues. Then he kidnaps a woman so she can witness it all, Little does she know shes slowly being molded into becoming him. highly recommendedIf its for sale, i want one:)

It's about an assassin who defects to get married, then gets her wedding shot up leaving her in a coma. She reemerges from it with only one thing on her mind, To kill em all.

Tons of fighting, Swordplay and action makes this film highly enjoyable, It even spawned a sequel. But watch the japanese release of this dvd, It's totally uncut and in full glorious color!

Guys ritchie's best movie hands down, Great cast, Great twist and turns when everyone in the film gets involved one way or another after a diamond heist. Then it all gets serious when this happens..Mikey's mom gets burned alive in a van because he didnt want to take a dive in a fight, Then it becomes all about, revenge

Great film, It was recommended to me by my brother and i watched it not expecting anything great, I was wrong.
This is a great film that's even better with repeated viewings. It's about a guy who goes into a type of "medieval times" camp gathering to retrieve his girlfriend who decided to put the relationship on the backburner for awhile. There he sees his brother who is playing the character "Thor" who disappears for weeks at a time to play at the medieval camp. Between the relationship with his brother and girlfriend both at edge, he decides to stay and try to fix both relationships. Then the role playing fantasy all becomes all too real when some of the players take the viking shit all to seriouslyThe boyfriend decides to play the role to win her back...then the fun kicks and laughs turns 360 into hell.

John creasy is a guy whos a bodyguard in mexico, When a girl he was protecting gets kidnapped, He stops at nothing to get her backAnd torture and maim anyone bad guy he runs into.

Well, This one is about a group of geeks and outcasts who decided to start their own frat house in order to try to be accepted in the preppy/jock world
This is a very funny 80s comedy i saw when i was a teenager and i loved it then and still love it now

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