Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Toys strictly distributed in hell or High five to awesome toys from childhood!

Back in the day we didn't have all of these doohickeys and contraptions to bide our time.  We had to resort to creating fun out of whatever was handed to us and believe me, It wasn't fun..

Parachute men
 Why man, Whyyyyy. How i loved to open up your parachute in hopes that you would slowly descent onto the earth, But you always crashed. As you lay crumpled i burned you with a match because you sucked....

 Choking hazard you say? Hornswaggle! You bounce the ball pick up the metal thingies called jacks and repeat. Bounce the ball pick up the jacks and repeat, bounce the ball..... yeah.. My childhood was the stuff of dreams..

Cap guns
 The good ol' days of cowboys and Indians are pretty much over and may be borderline racist. It's ill advised to even try to brandish these types of toys outdoors. Because you know, Kids are not suppose to play with fake six shooters.

Wax lips
 Why was this even fun, I don't know. I mean how many times can you imitate Mick Jagger before the joke gets old. Tell me you never did that, Whatever..

Yay, Hit your friends in the back and it snaps! Ha ha! Also in the face! awesome! Don't run, Here's another one! Pop! nice! What a beautiful way to play with your friends,  But that was normal... right?

The metal ball thingy
You know you spent hours trying. And deep inside you know you want to play it again.. All you have to do... is.... get....both... in ....eyes.... aarrrghghggh!!!

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