Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What rhymes with apes.. well umm quite a few things.

Yes!! Back in the day when you could actually go outside and flash a toy gun we had this toy. And why would we even wear these you ask?

Because Planet of the apes totally ruled! And I'm not talking about that awful Tim Burton remake (more on that later) but the real deal Charlton Heston damn dirty ape original. The apes were everywhere

In comics
Holy hell, comics were 25 cents.

Yep, We used to call them cartoons..

And even cards.
Yes, I put those in my bike spoke. but didn't everyone?

And after 4 sequels, a short lived t.v and cartoon series everything pretty much settled down. But the original movies kept the flame alive as it was shown around the world for decades. And how can you destroy such a beautiful visage?

You make this..
Yeah.. To sum up the equivalence it's like you're doing 80 in your jag and went 100 for no reason and crashed it. This movie was heavily franchised in toys, comics and video games but no one cared because the only people familiar with Planet of the apes were too old to buy toys, comics and video games. (I'm not speaking for everyone). Not to give away any spoilers but who cares at this point, The visuals are indeed stellar because you couldn't possibly do this 30 or so years ago. The story is a bit flat that ends up making you not care for the protagonists in any way, Just a bunch of apes treating humans like shit, Because in real life humans treat apes like shit. Wait. that didn't make sense... Well if that didn't make sense neither will the ending.. trust me. it's stupid.

And as a new age approached.
  Actors? actors? We don't need stinkin' actors. we will use cgi apes. It took a decade for someone to clean up the mess. And by now technology is way advanced. This movie had just the right balance, By keeping things to a minimal as far as storytelling and character development you somehow end up rooting for the apes even when you clearly know how it's going to turn out. What is wrong with us..

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