Tuesday, December 11, 2012

its not a movie, its a cartoon! (special guest tony)

many years ago, i mentioned that a pal of mine resembled the lead character from the movie "rock a doodle". much to my amazement, my other friend quickly replied, thats not a movie, its a cartoon! and it stuck with me for years, what is a cartoon movie? heres some that i think are strictly movies or strictly cartoons in no particular order..

secret of nimh - Cartoon
itll appeal to kids but definitely its a cartoon. ive seen this a few times when don bluth was droppin movies left and right before he got kicked out the movie business for making that godawful titan a.e.. nothing to remember, for me at least.

Fire and ice - movie

this movie is badass, ralph bakshi animation mixed with frank frazzetta art it cant get better than this. ive seen this movie tons of times, they shouldve called this one "jaguar god" and produced a sequel.
this is my favorite movie from the 80's and this falls into the "movie" category.

warriors of the wind - movie

i rented this at the video store in the 80s and i loved it ever since, it was my first introduction into japanese anime before akira and ninja scroll.
great story and great animation makes this a perfect movie.
mad love for lord yuppa.

Wizards - i have no friggin idea

another bakshi film, too much rotoscoping, live action backdrops for my taste but an ok movie.

starchaser - cartoon

this one i saw at my uncles house in the 80s it was pretty good, tha animation was great, reminded me of he man, but in outer space

heavy metal - movie
cool movie with different stories and art, cool music too, i had to watch it a few times to like, but definitely not a cartoon.

alright alright, i guess theyre all cartoons then, i owe my friend a fiver, bleh....

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