Tuesday, December 11, 2012

when movie nights were continental (special guest tony)

ahh those were the days. in the late 80's it was the video store craze, there were video stores everywhere and the thing is, each one had different movies in them, but overall cheesy old horror or foreign english dubbed films. forget getting the good films on the weekends, youll end up experiencing something like this...

just rent them on wednesday and return them sunday..
heres some of the early video store movies which in the end turned up to be badass movies and my all time faves.

The first collection of horror scenes from movies, mainly independent films to come out. it was great to watch and ive had this on cassette for the longest. then the less inferior "terrors in the isles" came out which was wack with less of everything. every video store had this.

deadly spawn

the best movie ever for its time, mega low budget but effective effects and the monster was scary as all hell.

i think at this point, i would run on top of water...

the ending made me cringe for days, man....
to this day, i love this film, plus the part when they're attacking the old ladies is hilarious and messed up. where the hell was life alert when you needed it?


2 gory films but slayer was darker and somewhat clausaphobic and eerie

cool kill scenes in a totally dark atmosphere made anyones let alone mine skin crawl

turns out the chick from the group is actually the monster in the subconscious, or some shit like that. kind of like inception, but in 1982.

and finally city of the living dead or walking dead or something

this movies been renamed like 10 times. its about a bunch of crazed zombies that run around literally killing anything in their path.
theyre supercool, even carrying axes and machine guns, all of that while wearing suits and running at top speed.

not too convincing is he? even though he just finished chopping some lady in spandex breasts off, this film is very gory and insane, from eye gorging to straight up gangsta phone checks this movies got it all. it still puzzles me though are they killing to drink blood or killing for fun because they seem to enjoy it tons.
ive seen this movie dozens of times and the ending is well, predictable and cheesy and there's never a happy ending in any zombie film, ever.

and finally finally Ator!

they were so many conan ripoffs too many to name, but i remember this one, beastmaster, krull and a few others

it was the same old, kill the warlock, fight giant rubber monsters or dachshund dogs in rat suits meanwhile the music was all electro pop with goth choirs, ahhh the memories.....

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