Friday, August 15, 2008

The album that made me think differently about rock music,

I've listened to just about every genre of music, rock, rap, reggae, disco, the list goes on and on. As the years went by so did music genres and styles. In the early 90's a wave came out of nowhere and swept us with some new music, Music had changed drastically to basically challenge a new era, So came grunge music, or alternative if you will. I know i can sit here and name names that are familiar to everyone, and while there were many great bands and albums, One stuck out to me as the best. Brad
"Buttercup" – 4:14
"My Fingers" – 3:19
"Nadine" (Gossard, Smith) – 3:31
"Screen" (Smith) – 5:11
"20th Century" – 4:02
"Good News" (Smith) – 4:23
"Raise Love" – 4:14
"Bad for the Soul" – 1:11
"Down" (Toback) – 4:17
"Rockstar" – 2:47
"We" – 5:26

The album was called "Shame", And it opened up my ears to music in a good way, On top of all the other bands that were making noise around this time (1993) i always listened to this one, The album consists of some rock, funk fusion with an occasional ballad. One song "Buttercup" had popped up on movie soundtracks and tv shows, The band went on to form other side projects like Satchel and Pigeonhed which are also good. I still have the first Brad album and listen to it whenever i'm in the mood for it. It's worth a listen if you have the time.

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