Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy birthday! bleeech!

I loved my childhood birthday parties, all of my little friends and family would come over and party away practically all night long, i was born in the summer so it was always hot, I couldn't complain, my parents did the best they could for me, When it came time for my presents there was a 50/50 shot that i actually got something i wanted, Back then you could count how many toys came out in the past 6 months on one hand. But not matter what, i found myself with the same presents year after year, so here is the top 5 presents i've always received.

1.Hungry hungry hippos This game is super fun when you have siblings or friends willing to play at the same time, it was always so noisy and the fun lasted for about 15 minutes before the super boredom set in.

2.Etch and sketch I hated this, I wasn't into art so i could never draw anything except squiggly penises and breasts, This game or whatever you want to call it was never any fun, just a frustrating mess. Pass.

3.Spirograph Ok, so you just put the round thing in there and make circles. Woweee, I remember recieving this as a gift and i gave it back because i had 2 sets already. Aarrghgh!

4.Stratego Call me stupid, But i never conjured up a thought of winning a strategy battle at the age of 8, I didn't know what to do with the pieces, i couldn't understand it, I just took the pieces and ran them over with my remote control car. What a mess..


5.Clackers Ok here's a thought, Give a small child a toy made out of two small hard plastic balls held by strings, Yes! the possibilites of getting injured are endless! Wow was this thing loud, you couldn't play with it in the house, and if you were unfortunate enough to get one in the winter you had to freeze your ass outside. on a good note if you hated your friends you could just hit them with it. I had several of these and i always had black and blues on my arm, Thank you genius toy makers!


Mr PotatoheadWhat? how can i not hate this. I'd lose the pieces in about 1 day, I never saw the fun in changing faces on a friggin potato, and none of which made him/her look any better. A toy strictly for psychos. And i had this when he used to have a smoking pipe. What where they thinking?

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