Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mad vs Cracked vs Crazy

Everyone knows Mad magazine, I didn't know any kid growing up when i was young who didn't read it, The magazines were easily available to myself at the time since my father owned a magazine stand in Brooklyn. There were other imitators out there, Which i didn't mind reading either. Below i have a couple which were in circulation at the time. I love this pic because of my ever hating fascination of sharks. (that's another story)

Cracked magazine
Clearly a Mad magazine imitator including a nerdy mascot with big ears. I never thought Cracked magazine was any funnier, but what the hell, Things were different back then and i clearly had too much times on my hands.

Last but not least, Crazy magazine
I clearly remember this, It had Kinetic kids and the magazine mascot Obnoxio the clown. I found it weird that he chomped on cigars, was mean spirited all around and also sported the never bathed look. I always thought this magazine had a darker side to it and that's probably why i enjoyed reading it. I won't even try to acquire any of these, i know it's impossible.

It's a sad thing that i never kept any of these issues,But i will always remember.

Obnoxio the clown

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