Sunday, August 17, 2008

My first comic book.

I was only 6 years old at the time,We had gone to this rinky dink book/comic store in Brooklyn, I clearly remember the place being extremely small with tons of long comic and magazine boxes on shelves. It smelled like cigars and the owner was this grumpy old fella, After looking around a bit i saw something that caught the attention of my brother and i, I begged my mother and after displaying my puppy dog eye routine she gave in. I was so excited, i stared at it while going home, i couldn't wait to get there so i can take my time and read the entire book, Should i show it to you? Your not ready for the badass 70's style...What can be better than a jive talkin' dude and an ass kicking karate master? NOTHING! I went nuts, I read this comic till no end, i jive talked and karate chopped my bunk bed and twin brother. I was iron fist! Haaaeeeiiiiaaaa!!!!

As the years went on i became a comic book collector, I loved the world i had built for myself, so many stories and amazing artwork, It was rare to have missed an issue of anything back then,i read everything. Marvel comics, DC comics, Independent comics, In my 20's i actually worked in a comic book store, which to me was the best job i ever had, But times have changed now, I no longer read comics, The market has become flooded with books, it's insane that kids don't even read comic books, every time i happen to be in a comic book shop it's all adults walking around, But i don't blame them, the majority of comics are actually aimed at adults, so the Sock! Bam! Pow! days are practically over. I read some every once in a while, but that spark has long gone, it's a shame, Because reading comics was something i used to cherish so much.

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