Sunday, August 17, 2008

Legend of the Overfiend

I used to frequent comic book conventions with my friends in Manhattan, Every time we would go we'd get autographs from artists and writers, we also bought memorabilia and movies, I was a big fan of anime (it was pretty new in the states) and American cartoons (ren and stimpy) and so on. I had owned a couple of jap anime like Vampire hunter d, Akira, Fist of the north star. At one convention i had purchased a VHS tape with the title Legend of the Overfiend, I've never heard of it, but i took my chances, Once i got home i got some dinner, sat down in my living room with my brother and popped in the tape, (the following was my reaction)Oh, nice animation, Dude the action scenes are off the meter. Oh damn there's alot of naked cartoon women running around, Awesome a big demon just appeared from nowhere, ummm. what is that a tentacle? wait that's not a tentacle that's a ..umm...wait there's 20 tentacle thingies....oh wait, what is he doing to that woman...Oh shit...every hole?
What the hell did i buy?

Welcome to the world of Hentai..I had unwillingly bought a "hentai" movie, we laughed at the notion that whoever made such a cartoon must be nuts. There was enough flying genitalia and violent sex scenes to fill half the planet, I was amazed and repulsed. To gonna be honest, i actually enjoyed the story and actually purchased the other parts to the series, i never got into the whole hentai thing which is good, i never saw any other hentai cartoon till this day, One porn cartoon series was good enough for me, Thanks.

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