Monday, August 11, 2008

Crazy what? The art of cereal munching

So i'm sitting here daydreaming of cereal since i haven't eaten it in months, all i can think about were the ones that are long gone and forgotten, So here's a tribute to the unusual cereals that i've had in my youth.

5.Super sugar crispThis guy had a smooth voice complimentary of the 70's ya dig? Cardboard tasting cereal that left the milk brown and sweet as hell. To me the cereal had the scent of light coffee or something. And sometimes the prize was a real cut out record that you could use on your record player. Ain't the 70's cool?

4.Cookie Crisp Who knew the vanilla flavor would not last as long as the chocolate chip. Oh i could just taste the sweet vanilla cookie thing, We miss ya buddy.

3.GremlinsI knew this one wasn't gonna last long, Just a gimmick to cash in on the movie craze, It tasted worse than cap'n crunch and it was hard as hell, I remember one time my friend slept over and we ate a whole box of cereal while acting like crazed gremlins at 2 a.m, Ah the memories, Steven Ryan, Where are you dude?

2.KaboomIf you were poor or broke, You bought kaboom, This cereal sucked, It tasted like paper with sugar on it, A poor man's lucky charms. Bleh! This cereal was asstastic!

1.Crazy cowYou can't beat this cereal, Awesome taste of real chocolate. Drinking the milk afterwards wasn't bad either. I want my Crazy Cow! R.I.P dude, Mooooo!!


QuispOh this cereal was so good, You couldn't find it anywhere, usually only in rinky dink supermarkets. This one disappeared after time but was my cap'n crunch clone favorite. Oh the horror.

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