Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The audio/video awesomeness of the 80's

Ok, I was a big tech freak, I used to take things apart and tinker around, I've actually been shocked before trying to fix a tv when i was 10 or so. Throughout the years i've had a variety of things, from videogame consoles, tv sets to walkmans. These are the items i could not live without. I didn't have everything, but what i had i enjoyed.

5.Portable record playerI had a ton of 45" records that i used to play on this, it had one speaker for sound and it was non stereo, I remember playing The beatles and some Sesame street on it.(so weird)

4.Toploader vcrwhen my parents bought this it was unforgettable, I couldn't fathom the thought of playing movies in your home on a tape (i was naive). We had rented a few movies and all our friends and family came over to watch it, The three movies were, The warriors, The Exorcist and ummm...oh damn , I dont remember. The remote control had a cable that was only about 3 or 4 ft so it didn't make sense to use it.

3.Cb radio I got one for christmas and i loved it, A few of my friends had walkie talkies and we used to talk to each other late at night when everyone went home. Sometimes we'd pick up phone conversations and were able to answer back and the hilarity insued. Good times man, what's your handle good buddy?

2.boombox with tvDid we have to beg for this? Hell yeah, What could be more awesome than having a dual tape player boombox with a tv built in? Nothing! This thing lasted forever until i blew half of the radio trying to fix it (let me see if my theory is correct) My brother knows what i'm talking about, lol. Anyway, The finest memory i have is when my brother actually had gotten robbed for the boombox and we had sent the biggest guy we knew to get it back and he did!

1!!8 Track playerOk, I grew up listening to music, alot of it, The 8 track was one of my parent's favorite, A vast majority of 8 track tapes we had were actually in spanish. I didn't have a problem with that since i understood it, Knowing multiple languages rule. I remember at the very end of the 8 track's cycle i used to record songs off the radio and just like that it disappeared into obscurity.

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