Friday, August 15, 2008

Evil Dead + 11 = Insanity

When i was 11 years old my family and i had gone to a little grindhouse movie theatre in Williamsburg, Brooklyn named The Commodore. It was our getaway from everyday life, We have gone to this theatre many times, But on this night i had begged my parents to take me to see this new horror movie. Once we entered we got to our seats, it was a packed house and there were people actually standing around as all the seats were taken. The light dimmed, the projector started and then began..As the scenes went on people were screaming in fear and walking out, I covered my face a few times but couldn't help it anymore. Everyone was jumping out of their seats, One person threw up a few rows from us, It was absolute chaos, The tree rape scence might have been too much for the likes of my mother, Who couldn't watch it anymore, My brother and i kept laughing because we would've never expect such a reaction from the audience, let alone my parents. after it was all over everyone was mortified, It was a 2 hour rollercoaster ride including the vomit. Such an innocent time were everything was sacred, Evil dead changed the way horror movies were made. They don't make movies like this anymore....Period

Just a thought
At this day and age a person would pay full price to see a movie and sit through half of it talking on a cellphone, The movie industry is about money, to see who could break who's record, There's no quality or content, just all filler. (i'm not speaking for every horror movie, just the vast majority) If you happen to talk thru a movie nowadays, don't worry, it'll be on dvd in a month. It's no secret the film industry doesn't put the effort into making good horror films anymore, Movies like The evil dead have gone the way of the dinosaur.

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