Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weird @$$ shows they only showed at 6 a.m or Why are you up so early?

Monday through friday was school time but on the weekends i used to get up early in the morning just waiting for the cartoon rush to come on, but before the good stuff you'd had to sit through the weird shows, The ones that didn't make sense at 6 a.m because you was always half asleep, My drive to watch awesome cartoons made me survive the horror which was 6 to 8 a.m . Only 2 hours to go and it's on baby! wait....zzzz..ummm yeah. 2 hours!! Christ this sucks....zzzzz...

1.Great space coasterIt was basically a muppet show, i only remember gary gnu because he always read the so called news and the theme song was infectious. I have no life.

2.Hot fudgeNo one remembers this, It was yet another muppet show but a bit weirder, I liked this show but i don't remember any of the characters. i just remember the title and theme song. Ain't i useful?

3.New zoo reviewHoly sh*t, This reminds me of the sun coming up. I remember some of these characters, Henrietta hippo and Freddy the frog, Oh jeez, This is troubling. The madness has kicked in.

4.David and goliathWhat a way to pimp religion on a sunday by having clay figures show you right from wrong at 6 a.m, I always thought talking dogs were the work of the devil, and the show started at 6? hmmm.. where were the other 2 six's. Someone was trying to tell me something..

5.GumbyIt's no secret why they gave this a 6 a.m slot, Because no one gave a damn about Gumby! This show always transformed me into a snoreasaurus rex. zzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

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