Friday, August 22, 2008

The death of strangers

In it's heyday, Grunge music was on the top of it's form, Countless musicians had come struggling across as the next big act while some basked in the spotlight with ease. Soundgarden, Nirvana, Pearl jam, Alice in chains and Red hot chili peppers ruled the airwaves, It didn't seem like it was ever going to end, Hit after hit, band after band, The songs kept coming, And at it's grunge peak, At the very top it all came crumbling down. The death of Kurt cobain, Yes i was affected, Even people who didn't like the genre were talking about it, How can it happen, Why, who, when, what, It doesn't matter. it's done, it's over, The person who spoke for a generation is gone, The 90's version of john lennon, I never understood anything he said, Maybe he wasn't speaking to me, But in a way i understood something. I layed on the grass in a park and wondered why the world was unfair. I don't have that luxury anymore, not like i used to. That event changed my perception entirely, And maybe it changed everyone's perception, Never to hold on to a person, Especially a stranger. I would never hold an emotion like that ever again.

Some odd years later a similar fate occured, This time around it was Layne staley, Alice in chains frontman, The same person who was at the top of his game in the 90's grunge era, Another voice of a generation, A person who never wanted to pass his vices to anyone. In a way he warned people throughout his music. A person who had a worst fate than death, a recluse drug addict who layed dead for a week before anyone bothered to look. This time around, No one cared. No media coverage, No mural, No radio special or tribute describing his life. Nothing. Was this a sign that the world has indeed changed, And in some weird subconscious felt the same way as myself. Is life that short that everyone worries about themselves and never take the time out to give a nod. Or are we just moving along for the next big thing and not looking back to see what we left behind. R.I.P 1967 - 2002

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