Friday, August 22, 2008

Jaws aka My biggest fear.

My folks big movie buffs, Every chance we got we'd go and watch whatever had come out at the time, It wasn't difficult to pick a movie since releases were very limited at the time (1970's). I've seen the commercial, Was kind of hesitant to go, but i was young and had no say, So we went off to see it. I was so miniscule and the screen so big, I watched as a young woman decided to take a dip, and then the song played. Baaadum Baaadum. I blame this on my parents..

I was terrified, I was so scared i covered my eyes. I opened them every once in a while when i heard normal music and people talking. when it was all over i wasn't a happy camper, It induced nightmares, I grew out of it but i never grew out of my fear of sharks. The only way i could ever overcome is if i actually killed a shark with my own hands and then woke up from fainting afterwards. I hate you shark.

If this ever happened to me i'll just swim into the shark's mouth and get it over with....

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